Vision statement
The immediate goal is to inspire young students to thrive in education by exposing them to exciting careers in the arts and technology, which will in turn boost this country as a competitive global contributor. Humanity is counting on future generations to resolve forthcoming problems and the world will turn to its creative thinkers for solutions.  Further, 60% of the jobs in a year 2040 have not been invented yet.  If our children and their offspring are not versed in the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), they will be at an utter disadvantage against other world leaders.
VM Magazine gives students an opportunity to enhance their skills in Literacy, Media Arts and Technology.  As producers of this digital magazine their first step is to  brainstorm what the issue will entail.  Next, they delegate tasks to cohorts and assign deadlines for each section.  Lastly, the students proudly promote their articles and artwork to the world through various digital marketing techniques.  These real world experiences not only  prepare students to become proactive members in their communities, they also create an environment for positive social interaction.
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