Villament Charities "it Takes a Village to Mentor a Child!" 602.345.0083 Dear Community Supporter, My name is Kevin Gilmer and I am writing to request an in-kind donation school of supplies, equipment, and/or monetary gifts to support our "Back to School Supply Drive" and Digital Arts Program. Backpacks, writing utensils, notebooks, cameras, computers, and editing software are a few examples of items needed. mentors young students in the digital world by using social media and media arts to inspire them. Not only does your donation support the youth to work hands on with the latest technology and software, they will also learn a plethora of soft skills including time management, teamwork, and ethics. Our organization promotes all forms of art and creativity and share our passion for the creative arts in the hopes of inspiring others. All participating donors will receive recognition via our monthly digital magazine, created and published by the students and their mentors. You can view this publication at and help encourage our future leaders to strive for excellence. Your tax deductible in-kind gift to support the "Back to School Supply Drive" and Digital Arts Program will help us continue our mission of changing the lives of youth by helping them become cultured, have fun, and overall better citizen of their community. To schedule a pickup for donated items please send correspondence email to Monetary donations can be made on-line at A tax donation letter will be sent with our non-profit tax ID for your records upon request. We look forward to your participation in building a better community. Best Wishes, Kevin Gilmer Community Liaison C O M M U N IT YS U P P O R T