Every day. Every stupid day. Raphael sighed as he raised his head up to the circular window above his desk. He remembered the days he could use the view to slow down his frantic mind to focus on the task at hand. They lived at the peak of Rhea's Valley, and the landscape, littered with trees and residential zones that led to the Aetherean Ocean, was perfect the perfect antidote to a mind that didn't slow down. Especially at this time of day, where the clouds retreated over a crimson landscape, following the sun as it completed its daily task. Serenity was the next in a long list of things that had been taken from him. An unwelcome addition to the view was his insignificant gnat of a brother, buzzing past his window as he made his hundredth lap around the house. Michael always waved at him, grinning ear-to-ear as he streaked past the window. He was flying so fast that he left orange contrails in his wake, an after-effect of his new wings. Normally, Raphael could tolerate it; Michael was easily excitable, like it or not, but on the eve of a great fencing examination, Raphael needed the peace and quiet. Michael seemed indifferent, as he was every day. Still, Raphael tried to bury himself in his paperwork. He was ahead of his class as a swordsman, but the technical details, the precision art of it all? That was where he truly found himself. He hoped that after this last test he could look into a teaching position. "Hey, Raphael!" Raphael snarled, forced from pleasant thoughts. By the time he looked up to the window only an orange trail of light remained. He pushed away the chair with so much force that it bounced RISEOFTHE ARCHANGELS Avery K. Tingle, The Gamer Author Presents ? Rise of the Archangels, Part 1: Ascension? From the Universal Warrior First Age Saga © 2017 Avery K. Tingle