along the floor of his room, not that he noticed. He threw open the door and stormed into the hallway, making his way downstairs and into the kitchen. Their mother was humming to herself, singlehandedly slicing vegetables into a porcelain bowl in the sink. She smiled as her eldest entered the room. "What's Michael done now?" She asked in her typical singsong voice. "Honestly, Mother," Raphael spat, "was he even necessary?" His mother turned at him and smiled, moving her red hair beside her face. "I wasn't given much choice, Raphael. Is he that much of a nuisance?" "Yes! Especially since he got his blasted wings! All day, buzzing about like some intoxicated hummingbird!" His mother chuckled. "You've never seen an intoxicated hummingbird, have you?" Before Raphael could reply, his mother finished slicing carrots and turned to face him. "Are you sure this isn't jealousy on your part? Your younger brother achieving wingburst before