Wher e d o you w ant t o see your self in t he f ut ur e? I want t o see myself on t he cover of Forbes magazine. (It ? s a well-known magazine t hat focuses on invest ing, t echnology, ent repreneurship, leadership, and lifest yle. Wher e d o you com e f r om ? I come from Dubai. I was raised and went t o element ary t hrough high school t here, and t hen came here because of my parent s. What d o you par ent s d o? My dad? s a businessman and my mom is a housewife. D o you have any ot her siblings? I have 2 brot hers who are going t o school, one is eight and t he ot her nine. And my sist er is nine mont hs old. What ar e your int er est s? Meet ing new people, learning new t hings, and making a difference in t he communit y. In my free t ime I sing. What w as lif e lik e in D ubai? Was it t he sam e as lif e over her e? Oh no - in Dubai I was more familiar wit h t he place, cult ure, and t he people, I had more friends. I was more familiar wit h t he way life is - knowing what people life, what t hey don? t like. Life over t here is different in many