WRITTEN BY DIANA ARIAN FRESHMAN ILLUSTRATED BY DANIELLE WILLARS JUNIOR SEVEN: ENVY PART TWO hough t he room was filled wit h t he sounds of conversat ion as t he st udent s rushed t o t heir seat s, Faye t ook no not ice of it as she focused on Ophelia. Faye had hoped t hat t he react ion would be posit ive, but t he frown on t he sophomore? s face was making her nervous. She could already imagine t he next few weeks. Ophelia would st art avoiding her, cast ing her cold looks over her shoulder every now and t hen. The images flashed t hrough her head, causing anxiet y t o build up in her, making her feel ill. Her heart was pounding, and she felt as t hough she were growing warmer by t he second as her skin went pale. Her st omach t wist ed and she held her breat h. Those couple of seconds were uncomfort able, even painful, as she willed herself t o relax, but t here simply was no way t o. The unpleasant sensat ion only went away once Ophelia? s frown t ransformed. The girl glanced up at Faye, and flashed her a smile. She is so beaut iful when she is happy. I wish she always looked like t hat . How else can I make her smile? I should st op st aring. She must t hink I am weird now. Faye quickly avert ed her gaze, but out of t he corner of her eye, she could have sworn t hat Ophelia laughed, even just a lit t le, as t hough t he girl t hought t hat t he senior ? s worries were amusing. Mr. V called everyone? s at t ent ion so t hat class could begin, forcing Ophelia t o sit down and focus on t he assignment t hat was being given. Today, it was annot at ing an art icle about professional edit ors. Personally, Faye found no int erest in doing such an occupat ion in t he fut ure, but she did enjoy learning T