about all of t he opt ions and acknowledging t he complex processes t hat had t o t ake place in order for one seemingly simple t ask t o be accomplished. As class went on, Faye kept an eye on Ophelia, t rying t o sense what t he ot her girl could be dealing wit h. For most of t he hour, she did not pick up on any problems, but when t here was 20 minut es left of class, Mr. Valasky t old t he class t o get int o groups of t wo. Faye wat ched as most of t he st udent s scrambled t o part ner wit h t heir best friends. Meanwhile, Ophelia st ayed in her seat , looking down at t he desk as all of her classmat es rushed by her. The at t endance was down by one t hat day, meaning t hat t here was an odd number of st udent s in t he room. Faye knew t his, having marked off t he absence herself. Wit h t hat t hought in mind, she quickly st ood up and crossed t he room, sit t ing beside Ophelia. The t wo of t hem worked t oget her on t he day? s project and Faye was almost sad when t he bell rang because she enjoyed Ophelia? s company. At t he very least , t hough, she felt as t hough she underst ood t he sophomore a lot more t han she had before. The following aft ernoon was a Tuesday. Faye sat out side t he English classroom just as she always had. She leaned against t he wall and closed her eyes, calming her mind from t he chaot ic class before. Everyone had been louder t han usual, somet hing she was not accust omed t o. In consequence, she had ended up wit h a not able headache. She was int errupt ed by t he