sound of someone? s foot st eps. At first , she ignored t hem, but soon realized t hat t hey were growing louder. She opened her eyes in t ime t o see Ophelia sit t ing down beside her. Faye st ared for a moment , surprised, but t hen t he ot her looked over at her shyly and she glanced away.Wait a minut e. ?Your eyes are red,? Faye observed quiet ly. Out of t he corner of her eye, she saw Ophelia reach up and wipe at her face wit h t he sleeve of her maroon jacket . ?What happened?? ?Do you know Lorelei?? She mumbled. Faye had seen t he ment ioned girl before. She seemed t o be t he proud t ype, fearless and a lit t le inconsiderat e at t imes. Because of t his, Faye had never been all t hat fond of her, but she did not know her enough t o make a definit e opinion on her. ?I? ve seen her,?Faye responded slowly. ?She hat es me.? ?Why?? ?I was t old t hat t here is someone she likes who prefers me over her or somet hing like t hat . I don? t underst and why someone would like me, t hough.? ?You don? t ?? ?Not at all.? ?Well, you are nice, smart , and, despit e what you might believe, pret t y.? ?You t hink so?? ?I? m posit ive t hat I am not t he only one. You just don? t t alk t o enough people t o hear t he good t hings about yourself and usually, people are more likely t o point out negat ives t han posit ives. Most of t he t ime, t he bad t hings t hey say aren? t even t rue.? ?I guess so.? ?We st ill have t en minut es before class st art s. Care t o explain exact ly what happened?? ?Well, I was walking t o class t his morning and I saw? .?Ophelia t railed off, st aring st raight ahead. She shook her head. ?Does it mat t er?? ?Of course it does! Why wouldn? t it ?? ?You have bet t er t hings t o worry about t han me.? ?Not really. I don? t have much t o worry about anymore. Even if I did, I would st ill have t ime for you.? ?Well, she t ends t o comment on my - appearance - and occasionally on any behaviors, int ended or not , she observes in class.? ?What ? You are beaut iful! Don? t believe her.?