?She? s right t hough,?Ophelia mumbled. ?No, she isn? t . It ? s easy t o believe her because it is bad, but she is just being mean, probably because she want s t o t ake out her anger on someone else. Therefore, she doesn? t really t hink what she says, she just want s t o be negat ive.? ?I guess so.? Faye opened her mout h t o speak again, but t he bell int errupt ed her. The t wo of t hem went inside t oget her and split , going t o t heir seat s. Two hours lat er, t he senior parked her car out side of Ophelia? s house. She st epped out and went up t o t he door, ringing t he bell. The house it self was decent . It was paint ed beige and had massive windows. The walkway leading up t o it had imprint s of dog? s paws in it . Faye had been examining t he brick columns at t he ent rance when t he door opened. There st ood Ophelia, shyly smiling, but she was making eye cont act , which was enough t o make Faye happy. Ophelia led t he ot her up t o her room. It had post ers of planet s on t he walls and purple carpet . It was clean and simple. The t wo sat on Ophelia? s bed and t alked for a few minut es before Faye finally asked what she had been want ed t o say: ?Care t o go out t o eat ?? Ophelia hesit at ed, t hen nodded. Faye jumped up. ?Let ? s go, t hen.?She went over t o t he door and held it open for t he sophomore. Just as she was about t o exit t he room herself, Faye t ook not ice of a mirror st anding off t o t he side. She slipped a st icky not e out of her pocket , scribbled a small encouragement on it , and placed it on t he glass before racing out t he door, where Ophelia was wait ing. Toget her, t hey walked t o t he nearest rest aurant . It would not be easy, but t hey would fix t his event ually.