My sister was born four months early. She was one pound eight ounces. She could fit into the palm of my hand. Her skin pigment was red in color, but at the same time transparent. The doctor said she would not live past 2 or 3 weeks. 24 hours out of a day she remained in an incubator and bathed in a Kleenex box sized bathtub. The five tubes in each arm fed her nutrients and the tracheotomy helped her breath. After 6 months of prayer the time came to send her home to our loving family. My dad's pride and love for his daughter caused him to refuse the medically prescribed helmet designed for reshaping her skull. After a month of deliberating with doctors my dad finally got his way. There would be no helmet. Doctor visits were frequent. And the prognosis was for her to never live on her own..... (To be continued) By Stephen Anderson BAT T LE FROM BI RT H