Experiencing stressisanormal human process, but being able to balanceyourself in theface of that stressallowsoneto function with calm, focused attention. Theearlier aperson learnsthesetechniquesin life, thebetter. Understanding how focusing on your breath leadsto better concentration might seem impossible, until you try it. ?Meditation helpsus focuson our own bodiesand showsus how wehavecontrol. It strengthensthe mind-body connection,?says Dheeraj. ?Theseare great skillsfor students to usewhen they get stressed or tired or frustrated; it promotes asenseof calm for everyone.? Maybeyou? veattended ameditation class before, or during a yogasession you learned to sit quietly between poses. Even if you? ve never attempted to learn about meditation or other formsof mindfulness, it iseasy to start now. ?Beawareof thepresent moment and what? saround you at any given time, thisisaform of meditation,?saysDheeraj. Hesaysyou don? t haveto bein aspecial mountain place, or set aschedulewhereit becomesa chore. ?Sitting somewhere comfortable, with your back kept straight arethekey elementsfor agood meditation,?hesays. During meditation, awarenessis directed inward until pure awarenessisachieved. It is often described as? being awake insidewithout being awareof anything except awareness itself.? Dheeraj suggeststhat learning to chant amantraduring meditation isalso beneficial. A mantraisaword, sound or syllablethat isconsidered a sacred utteranceto increase focusduring meditation. Dheeraj suggeststheOm (Aum) mantrato start with. (His step-by- step Om Meditation followsthis article.) ?Om isconsidered to be oneof themost important soundsin all theuniverseand has been chanted for thousandsof years,?he says. ?Therearemore than just afew benefits to thispowerful, ancient practice. Chanting OM affectsusand our environment in different ways, such asgetting rid of any negativeenergy and thoughtsaround you, helping to create positivevibrations, which benefit not only yourself but others, too.? Dheeraj saysthat completing thesefocused meditation and mantrasfor just afew minutesaday helps improveconcentration and attain clear focus. ?TheOm chanting producesavibration and sound which isfelt through thevocal cordsand sinuses. The vibrationsopen-up thesinuses to clear theairways,?which he (Photo of Dheeraj in meditation pose)