saysoffersbetter health and immunity for thebody. ?Continuouschanting can place you in ameditational state which givesyou adeeper relaxation,?so thispracticeis better when you havemorefree timeand not preoccupied with studying. Asastudent, Dheeraj didn? t likeschool and couldn? t focus. Thiscarried over into adulthood. ?BeforeYogaand meditation, I waslooking for happinessbut didn? t know whereor how to find it,?headmits. ?When you meditateyou feel thehappiness inside. Peoplecreatepositive energy insidethemselvesand becomeawareof themselves.? Hesaysthat asyou start to realizethetruenatureof happinessfound within, the pressuresof lifewill not cause you to beasdistracted or frustrated. ?Theoutside stressorswill not affect you as much, becauseyou? vefound a happinessand strength from inside. Thisrealization is something that no oneelsecan takeaway from you.? 1) Put distractionsaway (cell phones, music, tv) - become awareto what? saround you. Sit somewherethat you feel comfortableand that you can freely vocalizetheOm mantra. (need aquiet environment so you can betheonly sound) 2) Sit silently for amoment, in any position that feelsgood; keeping your back straight (no lying down.) Concentrating on your breath ? breathenormally from your naval to thethroat, and from throat to naval. Takea deep breath. 3) Asyou start to exhale, the first sound beginsas?Aauuu? and continueswith the ?mmmm?? theduration of the soundsshould beequal (if you verbalizethe?aauu?soundsfor 6 secondsthen you should also hold the?mmm?for 6 seconds). Takeanother breath and repeat OM chant. You can repeat this mantraand meditation asoften asyou like, increasing the duration to 7 minutesaday, if preferred. Keep your eyesclosed and feel theenergy of OM around you. Your awarenessof thehereand now should haveincreased, and you will beableto focuson the next task at hand with anew level of energy. -- A) You? reawesomeand unique! There? sno oneelseexactly like you in thisworld and that makes you incredibly special. Embrace who you areand don? t let the hatersbring you down. But, do try and beagood person ? of Back t o School : Remember your Abc's (Om symbol) Completing an Om focused meditation and mantra for just a few minutesa day helps improve concentration and attain clear focus. The ? Om?isconsidered one of the most important sounds (mantras) in all the universe and hasbeen chanted for thousandsof years. Thr ee- Minut e OmMedit at ion wit h Dheer aj Singh