Stuff About Me: Birt h: - February 17, 2001 Place Of Birt h: - Illinois What I Like To Do: - Read books (one of my favorite book series is Percy J ackson), Eat (Favorite food: donut.) and sleep. Or generally anything that is fun, and doesn? t require too much brain activity. Years of Age: 16 years old Favorit e Subject In School: - History. (My favorite thing to learn about is ancient civilizations) Current Grade: - 11TH (J unior) If I Could Pick ANY Job In The World t o Have For t he Rest of My Life It Would Be: - A Ninja Major Achievement s: - I once drank an entire water bottle without pausing. - I once made a three point shot while riding on a scooter with one hand. - I got to carry the American Flag on my 8th grade graduation. - I opened a jar of pickles with nothing but my bare hands. - I didn? t faint when I had to get a shot for my checkup. - I ate an entire box of glazed donuts. T he Life (So Far) of Dreanna Willars