How it all began..... n February 17, 2001, in Oaklawn, Illinois, a mother sat in a hospital bed freaking out and probably screaming loud enough to wake the dead. Because she was giving birth to a child. Two of them. Twins. Girls. Unfortunately, I was not the first child out. My sister was, making her the eldest, and two minutes later I followed close behind. Everyone thinks I am the oldest, which I surely wish were true, but alas. You? d think that 2 minutes wouldn? t be a big deal to people, but when standing side by side with my sister we always get asked that dreaded question. ? Oh, you? re twins?Then which one of you is the oldest?? ? By that point my sister would smile proudly and straighten her back a little and lift up her chin signifying her authority. I would hunch my shoulders and lower my head and eyes in shame. Dre always let me answer this question. Two stinking minutes. If only I could? ve been faster. My Humble Abode A year after me and Dreanna were born, our family moved to Arizona and have been here ever since. We have lived in the same house in the same neighborhood on the same planet for 15 years. For a while I wanted to be an astronaut and go to the moon for a change of scenery, because planet Earth and the Milky Way can sometimes get a little boring. And then maybe I? d make a few alien friends because sometimes my own race makes me want to tear my hair out. By: DanielleWillars EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DANIELLE WILLARS O