Edumacat ion It? s not really important where I went to school because every single kid in the world has to go to school, and it doesn? t matter where you go, as long as you do go and not get expelled. But as every child (or at least, every normal one) has I have always dreamed of the school getting closed down because of a zombie epidemic, the president finally realized that school was filling the brains of children with mush, or the building just randomly collapsed. I have always envied those lucky kids in states where it constantly snows, rains, hails, and generally have a lot of storms. They probably miss about a month of school a year. J ust once I wish Arizona could have a convenient tornado or hurricane that would close down the school for a month. In my 12 years of going to public school, school was canceled ONLY ONCE. On the account of rain. And it didn? t even rain that hard. Back t o t he Fut ure If the world doesn? t explode by nuclear warfare by the time I graduate high school, my plan is to go to college. My goal is to have a career, my own place, and means to support myself as soon as I can, and as fast as I can. Since both my parents are retired from nursing, they are home all day. And what is there to do for a retired parent all day besides watch TV and sleep? Bother your kids and hound them so much they want to catch the nearest train to Canada. I know they mean well, and I sure am lucky to have parents who are there at home when I come home from school and not stressing out at work. Life and all That As for my legacy and life and all that, not all that exciting. I was born, went to preschool, elementary school, and now high school. Once I graduate high school, it? ll be college for four or more years and then I? d better get a job for all my hard work. And then I? ll work until I die. What a wonderful exciting adventure life is. That? s? about it. It? s not really a biography, and not even that interesting. Next time I'll include aliens. "What a wonderful exciting adventure lifeis."