The numerical value for the Tree of Knowledge: AAT HA HAIM=233. Once again, we see two more numbers (144 and 233) that also appear in the Fibonacci sequence. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1,597? etc. It serves to note that the Fibonacci sequence comes to us from the Italian mathematician born as Leonardo Bonacci. His name, coincidently is a conjugation of two words: filius Bonacci (son of the Bonacci), and he is known for his contribution to Western civilization by popularizing the Hindu-Arabic numerical system, and eventually introducing Europe to the pattern in nature evident in the Fibonacci sequence. Now, when we apply Fibonacci? s numerical values to our understanding of the universe, we arrive at the conclusion that there is a pattern that cannot be denied. For example, divide any sequential numbers in the Fibonacci sequence and you will arrive at the same value, or a similar value as a result. 233 divided by 144 will equal 1.618 377 divided by 233 will equal 1.618 (and a series of lesser numbers to follow) 987 divided by 610 will also equal 1.618 (and a series of lesser numbers behind the decimal)? Continue with the sequence, and then continue to divide the larger number by the preceding smaller number and you will continue to arrive at the same value of 1.618 This number is special, because it represents the perfection in nature. It is considered the perfect number. Now, add those numbers up: 1+6+1+8 and you will arrive at the sum of: 16 Add 1+6 and you will have 7 Now, take the numerical value of the word HATE(114)? add those numbers to arrive at: 1+1+4=6 Subtract the world HATE from the word LOVE. LOVE=13 Minus. HATE=6 Equals. SUM=7 7 is the sum of the the perfect number added up into a single digit. Is this mere coincidence? In a universe where even Einstein postulated that God does not roll the dice, and there for there can exist no coincidence? well, I think not! And so, if LOVEis all around us, and we believe that GOD is LOVE, then it stands to reason that this theory is supported by the numbers, the math, the language of the universe. I dare say math is the single thread that binds us all to one another. Your friend, ~Felix Alexa nder