FOR T HE K I DS ? Sept ember 20 18 Edit io n A Let t er f r o m t he Edit o r ROMANTICMUSINGS: LOVEIN GOD'SLANGUAGE ?We? re all connected by a silent thread.? ~George Leonard am certain you are familiar with the adage: God is love. But have we ever contemplated what that truly means? God. Is. Love. The romantic will postulate that love is a feeling. The secular will tell you that love is a chemical reaction tantamount to eating large quantities of chocolate. The physicist will tell you that love is a mathematical equation, which has yet to be fully realized, but does exist in numbers, because math is the language of the universe? numbers being the alphabet. Alphabet. Think about that word for a minute. Essentially, it is a conjunction of two words? two letters, to be exact. The first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Alef = A, and Beit = B, yet it goes beyond 2 letters. For you see, the ancient Hebrews used the alphabet to represent numbers. For example, A (Alef) = 1, B (Beit) =2 So, when we see the Hebrew word for father: AB it is added up for us to see 1+2=3 Now, take the Hebrew word for mother: HALM. Alef + Mem, in numerical values Alef = 1, Mem = 40, so 40+1=41. Add 4+1 and you? ll arrive at a sum of 5. Here? s where it gets interesting? The Hebrew word for child is: YELEV (mind you, there were no vowels in the written word until the time of the Greeks centuries later) so this word was represented by the letters: YLV, which possessed numerical values of: 10+30+4=44. So when you add the numerical value of father (3) with the numerical value of mother (41)? what do you get? 44 = child. Add 4+4 and you will have a sum of 8. Now, let? s look at the numerical value of the word for LOVEin Hebrew, which is Ahava and has a numerical value of 13. Do you know what all these numbers have in common? 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13? ? They are all apart of the Fibonacci sequence. A sequence of numbers that repeat a pattern evident in nature. Nature, a perfectly functioning entity that operates with such precision that it could not have been an accident. Voltaire once said: ? I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.? And I am inclined to agree! For you see, when we consider the Creation myth with its 7-day theory and its immaculate garden, we find a uniquely hidden gift with numbers embedded in the tale. Case in point, the word for the Garden of Eden: KADEM has a numerical value of 144 (Kuf-100+Deled-4+Mem-40)? I